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Created by Mike Gowans

This video covers Martial Arts marketing and advertising using real metrics, science and systems, and explains why most martial arts businesses are not getting the results they desire when it comes to online marketing.


How is it some martial arts businesses are able to generate quality conversations with ideal students using online advertising and the next owner can’t get anything?

In the morning I sometimes go grab something to drink from the corner store and this usually happens around the same time most people are taking kids to school and heading to work.

Almost every person I pass they’re either looking down at their phone or talking on it, driving or riding along, it doesn’t make a difference…

Why am I mentioning this? 

Well, apparently that’s where all the attention is and that’s exactly where every martial arts business owner’s students are too! 

Like fishing, if you understand where the fish are, what they’re eating, and you understand their complete nature you’ll always out fish the fisherman who just shows up at the lake and starts casting. 

Most martial arts business owners are doing just that…pulling up to the lake…grabbing their pole…and just tying on the closest lure to them and casting away. 

In this video, I share how to know what to grab out of the tackle box, how to research where the fish (students) are and how to understand what they’re biting on (ads), why they bite on it (audiences) and how you can beat the other fisherman (competition).


1. Why understanding student genetics on social media put you at the top with your ads

2. What most martial arts business owners think when it comes to running paid advertising online…this gets pricey.

3. How to create audiences, the genome of social media and how it causes ads to land exactly where they need too. 

5. The algorithm, how it operates and the key elements that cause it to laser-focus on the exact ideal students based on their behaviors.

6. Nodes, links and the science that connects everything online, just as it is in nature, and how we use this to beat the competition.

7. The secret science that top ad men, professional business owners and the greatest companies in the world know about advertising that allows them to always stand on the tallest podium in their marketplace. 

8. What initial conditions do to your ad’s success rate and how to understand what causes ads to be higher ranking than other martial arts schools trying to attract the same exact students.

9. One strategy you can instantly start applying immediately after the video that allows you to start programming your algorithm to start serving the ideal students right into your page.

…and so much more, and you might want to grab a notebook and pen.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments?


P.S. - If you’re liking this video and want to see the 5-step system I use to convert attention into quality students I’ve got a short movie I recently put together that you can watch here for free >

Mike Gowans

Mike Gowans helps people start and grow successful martial arts businesses. He is an expert at helping people get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.

If you're interested in starting your own martial arts business or scaling up and getting more students then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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