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Since 2017, we’ve been perfecting the art and science of running a stressless “7-Figure Dojo” as a modern martial arts business owner. On this page you'll discover: What we do to help martial arts business owners, our Core Principles, How we got here, and our MAG Team.

We help martial arts business owners

We help martial arts business owners, experts, instructors, and online martial arts course creators (essentially, any person who sells martial arts knowledge of any kind). We only work with martial artists who are masters at what they do, with existing martial arts businesses making at least $7,000 /month. These martial arts businesses have all the essential elements required for 7-figure dojo returns but they fall short because of a gap in systems, tools, teams, and directions on how to build their school.

What we do to help martial arts business owners

We help martial arts business owners build a stressless "7-Figure Dojo" ⏤ a martial arts business generating $85k+ /month, with a mixture of paying students who learn in-person and through "pre-recorded" online courses, zero tech stress, happy long-term students, and a smooth enjoyable lifestyle. We accomplish this through our two training systems: Dojo Student Blueprint and MAG Mastermind. Our training systems focus on simplicity that scales: getting new paying student growth (consistent profits), quality student results (happy students), and martial arts business owner daily bliss (happy dojo owners). Our systems focus on removing: student growth stress, marketing tech stress, overhead costs, and time waste on useless business growth shiny objects.

Our core principles

A "7-Figure Dojo" is having a complete and seamless harmony between consistent new paying student sign ups, happy students getting real results, and martial arts business owner who have time-freedom and happiness. To reach this kind of harmony, we hyper-focus on a set of core principles:

1. System zen - more with less, automate.

2. Happiness - it's a direction, not a place. 

3. Intention - what you focus on grows, create quality

4. In = out - you can't force a tree to grow, feed it right

5. Freedom - life gets easier with more discipline

6. 1st principles - reason up from basic truths

7. Solve problems - it's why people pay you, PERIOD. 

8. Reality - you define everything, choose wisely.

9. Results rule - student results are the core focus

10. Tough-minded - carry out the game plan and win

How we got here

First ⏤ The stimulus

I (Mike Gowans) didn't want to be broke. Every job I had didn't feel right, didn't make me happy, and I wanted to do more with my life. So I dropped out of college, moved into my friend's warehouse where he ran his nutraceutical business and where I got my real education in how to grow a business. From 2004 until 2007 I had many attempts at business that always ended with a crash and boom. I was trying to come up with "great ideas" instead of figuring out what the market wanted and giving it to them. After learning that crucial piece of advice I started looking for problems to solve. The internet was pretty fresh at that time and businesses needed customers. So I focused everything on how to get customers using the internet. That's when my marketing services business started.

Second ⏤ My "services business" hit a ceiling fast

I helped businesses in-person get customers using the internet with websites, funnels, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and email automation. My clients business would grow, I was making more money, and for me to sign on new clients was pretty simple — the challenge I ran into was, I could only do so much and my business/money hit a ceiling fast. My time and energy were maxed out. I hired a few team members to handle some of the load, and we became an “marketing agency,” but it was hard to provide quality results, manage all the different niches, and turn a profit that kept me motivated. I found out real quick that running a services business the way I was doing it didn't work.

Third ⏤ Focused mixture of online course + live virtual coaching

The "done-for-you" style services model was broken and it hit a ceiling fast but something amazing came out of the failure: A client I had from overseas said he'd pay me if I just recorded what I did and gave it to him. "Light bulb went off!"  So I recorded everything I did for my clients to get them new customers and I started selling my system and how they could do it themselves. I quickly found out when people are learning something new the content on it's own wasn’t enough; I had to give them live virtual coaching and support to keep them dialed-in, focused, and help troubleshoot their different challenges. As soon as we did that they started getting massive results and so was my own business; I scaled my expert coaching business to $160,000 /month, by myself, from my laptop, getting to do what I love with incredible profit margins and time-freedom.

Fourth ⏤ Getting hyper-focused on helping martial arts business owners

Once I discovered this model I was trying to take on anybody and everyone that needed customers. We started growing, I leased a second office location and we had clients in over 50+ different industries. We started making more money than we every thought was possible. We were spending more on ads in a single day then I used to make in a couple months with my business before. The types of clients we had were some of the best in their industry. But the stress from all the different industries, learning how to work with multiple business model types was literally killing me mentally and physically. To everyone else I was "crushing it" or having real success. To me I was miserable, my health was suffering, things were crazy, and our spending was out of control causing profits to suffer tremendously.  So I thought: "What if I focused on a single niche, mastered that, and simplified?" The next day I was visiting my Grandpa's farm when I saw the picture of me doing the splits when I was in Karate. I said to myself, "I've never looked into the martial arts industry, I loved martial arts, and I love what it stands for!"

Fifth ⏤ was born, happiness was instant, and we discovered "more with less"

I was done stressing out over all the industries, business models, and trying to dial in all the different systems, working many nights without sleep, and my family was worried about my health. I looked into the martial arts industry and realized there was a serious problem. Their marketing process was stuck in the 70's, school owners  desperately needed students, and they needed an expert in the new ways of growing a martial arts business. That's when we started We focused on helping martial arts schools get more students by doing less using the internet. Life when from chaotic too simple. We taught them how to get more profits without adding more work. We discovered what "more with less" actually meant. We started getting: More expertise. More results for our clients. More profits. More time-freedom  ⏤ but at the same time ⏤ our clients had less overhead. Less marketing tech stress. Less time-wasted. Less confusion. From 2017 to 2020 we would test, analyze, research, optimize, and finally dial-in a powerful simple system that shows martial arts business owners how to build a stressless "7-Figure Dojo", we continue to focus and strive to perfect it more each day. We practice what we teach, and not only are the clients having success but we are too, and everyone is happy!

MAG team

We operate completely remote as a multi-functional dynamic team of four people who care about client results.

Mike Gowans -

Mike Gowans

Owner & Founder

Creates content, helps clients, and leads the business. 

Michele Oneil -

Michele Oneil

Owner & Operations

Manages the day-to-day operations, live events, and helps clients.

Chelsea Doerr -

Chelsea Doerr

Community Manager

Manages client communities, onboards, and holds clients to results.

Landen Oneil -

Landen Oneil

Client Success / Data

Handles bookkeeping, analytics, onboards, and helps clients.

How to contact us

The easiest way to contact us is by sending us an email -

You can find Mike Gowans on YouTube and Instagram.

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