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Get 20+ Paying Students Every Month By Doing Less Using The Internet

Rather than struggling with marketing tech or offering free weeks of training, the SYNERGY Mastermind gives you an automated way to sign up new paying students with consistency, predictability, and high profit.

Who is the SYNERGY Mastermind for?

If you own a martial arts school with active paying students, the SYNERGY Mastermind is for you. You should be an expert in your martial arts style and committed to growing your own school. 

If this describes your situation, then you are likely to struggle with: creating attractive high-value offers without having to offer free weeks or one-month trials, signing up paying students on a consistent monthly basis, understanding the technical aspects of marketing and advertising, and running your martial arts business using numbers - like a machine that repeatedly produces the results it was intended to produce.

What the SYNERGY Mastermind helps martial arts schools achieve

SYNERGY Mastermind will help you achieve the following in 21 days or less:

  • Develop a magnetic dojo offer that your ideal students urgently want right now and are willing to pay for.
  • Sign up 7 paying students without spending any money on advertising (ROI in your first month).
  • Convert complete strangers into paying students with a sales conversion rate of more than 30%+.
  • ​Install an inbound student growth machine that converts strangers into paying students every 7 days.
  • ​Run paid ads and retargeting like a master where you get $200+/mo students for $100 or less.
  • ​Operate your martial arts business using numbers, so it's consistent, predictable, and highly profitable.

What SYNERGY Mastermind members are saying (more reviews)

The SYNERGY Mastermind: 12/month Hybrid Mastermind Program

The SYNERGY Mastermind gives you everything you need to get more students and grow your school with predictability:

  • Program: 12mo / 6-Wk hybrid mastermind with click-by-click implementation (we show you every detail).
  • Tools: We include the tools to build, test, optimize, and scale your automated student growth machine.
  • Community: Get connected with martial arts schools on the same path with SYNERGY Community.
  • Coaching: Get live answers to your questions twice a week for life, plus a recording of the Q&A session.
  • Accountability: Get an accountability partner who will hold you to your objectives and goals daily.
  • Support: Lifetime live support with our highly skilled martial arts business growth strategy coaches.

Discover the secrets of our student growth machine in this new free video:

Martial Arts Marketing Mastery with Dojo Student Blueprint

If you are a professional martial artist with several years of experience teaching your particular style of martial arts with the intention of getting 20+ new high-value students monthly on-demand, and you are ready to start working on, instead of in your martial arts business, we can help.

If you would like to learn how you can enroll 20+ new paying students every month through a fully automated machine, please visit this link: