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Fábio Leopoldo 4x World Champion / Morumbi Jiu Jitsu - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"Mike, man I am super happy with the Dojo Student Blueprint course because it's opening my mind in the marketing also teaching me how it works and as far as results I am able to systemize in a digital format the way I can sign up students for my academies and I am able to create a product to sell online. My big 'aha moment' was the fact that I can create my process online to sign students by phone, not intro class, & predictably. With this system I believe I can have more academies thanks for everything."

- Fábio Leopoldo (Wikipedia)/ 4th degree black belt in jiu-jitsu 6x World Champion. /Morumbi Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Academy
Shannon Albracht - American Top Team Traditions Martial Arts & Kickboxing - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"What I like most is three fold. 
1. Level of detail. I can tell that this course has been well planned and executed 2. That there are many ways to get support. 3. Convenient. I can start and stop based on my “life”, and use on multi platforms and I can pick up right where I left off.  My mental state was quite uncertain when I contacted Mike. However, with this program and the knowledge that I am attaining.... I feel that I will be the most prepared to aggressively go after my market. I am loving the program, it's a great value."

- Shannon Albracht, Owner-operator at American Top Team Traditions Martial Arts & Kickboxing - Tracy CA
Master Clark - reviews
"Anyone interested in getting more students with predictability I would highly recommend Mike and his services. After working with Mike for a short period, the next ten years are very clear for our marketing and our Warrior Training."

- Master Clark a.k.a "Balls", Karate America World Headquarters

Marv Conway - Tiger Rock Martial Arts - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"I love the retargeting and ability to get my schools everywhere my students are. I have my school owners learning this system too! Great training!"

- Marv Conway, Tiger Rock Martial Arts
Master Instructor · Katy, Texas

How Barry Crowther went from losing 45% of his students during the pandemic to generating 38 students in 21 days with a 414% ROI using the pre-built automated inbound student generation system that every member of the Dojo Student Blueprint gets when they become a member.

"I have learned that I can reach places that I have never thought of before all across the world and becoming global.

I learned you don’t always have to have a teacher and student in the same room in order to transfer the solution martial arts delivers and as martial artists we have to be open-minded to change. 

As a business owner in martial arts, I had to look into new horizons and because of that, I have been able to reach more students globally and make a bigger impact."

- Mario Ahuactzin, Martial Arts School Owner, Black SMAT Mexico City, Mexico
How Master Dave Kinney Of SunHangDo Grows His Martial Arts Business

This video covers this martial arts school owner discovered systems to get more students and explains why focusing on the right students makes all the difference when growing a martial arts business. 

- Master Dave Kinney, SunHangDo, CA
"This was the training that I've been looking for and I wish I would've had this training when I started because my business would be booming right now"

- Accolon Hollingsworth
Inner Victory Power LLC
How 30yr Kung Fu School Owner Reshaped His Marketing To Attract Kids & Adults

This video covers how a Kung Fu school owner of 30 years changed his entire martial arts business plan to attract more kids and adults and explains why gaining an understanding of online martial arts marketing systems helped him stop throwing money out the window. 

- Sifu Steve Carpenter
Co-Founder Meridian Kung Fu (UK). Senior Instructor, Executive Director.
Dave Pryga - Reviews
"Although we are early in the course, we are excited by the insight and detail provided. We see this training as a recipe that we will use and refine. We like the detail of the instructions and the step by step, in depth explanations of what we are doing and why we are doing it."

- Dave Pryga, SUN Martial Arts
Owner and Chief Intructor
Drew Johnston Wolves Martial Arts - Dojo Student Blueprint Review
"Your course is professional in regards to its innovative approach. Your interpersonal skills shine through both the video / worksheets. "

- Drew Johnston, 7th Dan Master Instructor at Wolves Martial Arts
Raymond Ahles  - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"The course is very detailed and easy to follow. You really cover everything needed in-depth. Each component is a step by step method with everything from videos to PDFs. And the mental game is covered as well. You are a very motivating and positive force to listen to which is also provides that sometimes needed kick in the butt to get it done."

- Chief Instructor Raymond Ahles/Owner at Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts
David Giovenco - Reviews
"As soon as I started the course I felt a sense of relief and excitement - it was as if someone finally understood me and what I so desperate need to achieve. Before meeting Mike I was feeling lost for 7 years..."

Read Full Review Here >

- David Giovenco, Dojo Owner, Australia
"The high amount of detail within how the course is taught..."

"Having access to support to ask questions and get proper answers and the fact that I actually get to speak to someone real"

"Learning how to hone down on a specific niche to market to with our martial arts program"

"Not going in multiple directions but instead knowing exactly what to focus on
Using the systems that are taught in the course it’s allowing more free time."

"We understand now that we have to get onto our customers level the way they think about their problem and information that resonates with them."

- Mike Dorrian,  Professor at Roger Gracie Academy in Salford, Manchester, UK. 
"This course is opening my brain up to so many different possibilities for my martial arts business. Giving me some fresh perspective on a business that I have been stuck in since 2003."

- Jonathan Field, Dojo Owner, Owner at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do
Eric Lemoine (Found The Secret Weapon To More Martial Arts Students With Less)

"The first week already paid for itself. Just the ideas that come from it, how to have a target, how to how to write martial arts focused ads, how to breakdown the whole online business process, and how to actually find people that you're after. What I found week one was so interesting like I've gone back through it again and again (it's a nine week course). Look, if you're a martial arts business owner you need to know there is an easier way out there. If you're on the fence about the Dojo Student Blueprint course just do it. Take the step have faith and trust in it. It will work if you put in 100%. Just from week one I've reworded some ads, reworked up a couple pictures and it's gone from getting no traction to now over a thousand clicks within two days. The course works. I was just in front of my computer going what that can't be right something's wrong with my phone and I had to turn notifications off because my phone was non-stop. So yeah there is an easier way and my advice is take it take the course . The course works!"

- Eric Lemoine, Dojo Owner, Fight Club Townsville
$0 Online Business to $25,000 in Less Than 60 Days

- Jarrod Bouse, Owner, Full Circle Pipe
Steve Carpenter - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Reviews
"Your course is amazing. I haven't studied this hard for years and I can't stop! Love it! Thank you  🙏."

- Sifu Steve Carpenter
Co-Founder Meridian Kung Fu (UK). Senior Instructor, Executive Director.
Marty Fareri - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"I love how Mike is ready to "jump on" and help all of us work through our challenges! I definitely made the right decision when I joined up with you! Thanks Mike and good luck everyone!"

- Marty Fareri, Krav Maga, 914 Training Center
Jerome Kambone Bikram - Dojo Student Blueprint Student Review
"I am honored to be part of this group. The information received here is a real eye opener for me. I am a Krav Maga Instructor and attempted to start off on my own but was unsuccessful. I realized now that I was trying with the "old dojo mindset". I look forward to trying again with the new mindset achieved from what I'm learning in the Dojo Student Blueprint Course. Thank you for the resources and the wisdom you explain so simply."

- Jerome Kambone Bikram, Krav Maga, Instructor
Cobra Kai - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"We've spent the past week working on training videos for our students and getting a group set up on FB for them. It's starting to go smoothly and now we're ready to ramp up our game. We're very excited to be here and we can't wait to see how our school grows!"

- Cobra Kai Karate, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Martial Arts School Owner "Empties His Cup" To Get More Students

This video covers how this martial arts school owner Master Tung Dinh emptied his old beliefs to grow his school into the future and explains how martial artists who get in front of the curve are going to change their lives forever with martial arts training. 

- Master Tung Dinh , Taekwondo School Owner, Kentucky
6x BJJ World Champion Fabio Leopoldo Shares How He Gets New Students

This video covers how Fabio Leopoldo is growing his martial arts business and explains how martial arts marketing must have a way to measure if they're serious about getting new students. 

-Fábio Leopoldo (Wikipedia)/ 4th degree black belt in jiu-jitsu 6x World Champion. /Morumbi Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Academy
From ZERO Business to $7,000 in 30 Days

- Mike Keller, Owner, Verified Fabrication

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