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Welcome to SYNERGY Mastermind - Your Complete "All-In-One" SYNERGISTIC Community To Get More Paying Students For Less

Discover The World's Best Strategies for Growing Your Business with SYNERGY Mastermind - the world's best library of martial arts business courses. Clients call it the "Netflix of Martial Arts Business Growth." You'll call it your biggest year of new paying students.

Take back control of your martial arts school and life by learning to master your time, money, marketing, advertising, and productivity.

SYNERGY Mastermind |

Despite your busy schedule, you *know* you need to master
 how to get new students consistently each month. 
This is why we developed the martial arts student growth curriculum! 
It will save you thousands of dollars (and lots of time!)

Obviously, you want more students and want to make a bigger impact in more people, don't you? Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this, would you?

You feel stuck in the process of generating new students, and nothing has been able to give you the results you need to grow your school the way you have envisioned.

It is easy to "keep doing" what you have always done and hope you get different results.  

But what if there was a system that you could set up ONE TIME and it worked for you 24/7? What if you knew exactly how much it cost you to get a new students and what if you knew how to increase the lifetime value of each student?

How would that change your martial arts school and your life? 

Introducing SYNERGY Mastermind, it's a community focused on new student sign-up strategies and a curriculum for martial arts.

SYNERGY is a community of martial arts business owners with the best martial arts business growth program, delivered through the SYNERGY Mastermind.

This is for you if you are interested in having a machine set up for you to get new students consistently.

You will always be in the loop with what's working now and you will know how to implement the strategies, best practices, and tips that will help keep you at the top of your game every day while saving you time and money.

Our annual plan gives you access to over $12,500 worth of courses & live Q&A calls where you will learn from other very successful martial arts business owners for only $597.00. An incredible value and savings! 

Our martial arts business SYNERGY Mastermind has everything you've ever dreamed of.

Access a library of training incorporating evergreen strategies that will help you overcome your martial arts student enrollment challenges.

Templates, Action Items, and Pre-Built Machines

Done-for-you copy and paste templates that are PROVEN. All you have to do is plug in your school name and logo.

Capitalize on the latest trends and make your videos more entertaining, educational and informative. Keep your content fresh and unique!

New Live SYNERGY Trainings Added Every Week

Step-by-step guided tips and techniques that show you what’s working RIGHT NOW, plus action steps on how to implement them yourself. 

All training sessions are recorded for you to access at any time.

Live Weekly Collaboration, Implementation, and Q&A 

A community brimming with other martial arts school owners where you can ask questions and get support directly from them. 

Plus a LIVE weekly Q&A that's recorded and uploaded to access for future reference. (...never miss a thing!) 

You’ll have everything you need to get more paying students doing less withOUT…

Wasting time and getting poor results. Going into each day directionless and having to offer free months to get any attention. Or, competing with other schools and instead actually STAND OUT to attract your ideal students.

You and your team will know exactly what to do and how to do it 
so you can get results in the shortest time possible. 
Instantly access everything you need to grow your martial arts school and get it all for only $1.64 a day.

know thy machine | synergy mastermind |


The goal for ELEMENT 1 is to help you move beyond relying on old tactics, manual processes, and mental barriers holding you back from new students. You will learn the complete blueprint on how this machine generates students. You will overcome overwhelm, master mental well-being, and optimize your perspective to see a new path to students.

market offer message | synergy mastermind |


The goal for ELEMENT 2 is to help you decide on the most profitable niche within your marketplace. Show you how to structure your offer so that it's simple, profitable, and quick to launch. From there we will design an irresistible message that your ideal students will have no ability to ignore. Mastering the skill of identifying profitable markets, designing offers, and creating a message that drives students is invaluable.

magnetic dojo offer | synergy mastermind |


The goal for ELEMENT 3 is to help you refine and expand the reach of what you developed in element 2. Here we use a simplistic blueprint and cloning model to expand into more markets. This element is about creating a hyper-specific offer, expanding into more niches, and having an arsenal of offers that attract and convert multiple areas of your expertise to get more students.

BUILDING YOU MACHINE | synergy mastermind |


The goal of ELEMENT 4 is to show you how we're going to iterate and refine your pre-built automated student generation machine. Because it's already built you're simply replacing text, images, and videos that represent your brand, offer, and message. We then test, tune, and launch this into the market to start signing up new paying students. It's all about efficiency and profitable function. This simple yet critical machine will change your life and give you power.

VSL VIDEO CREATION | synergy mastermind |


The goal of ELEMENT 5 is to help you create a video that allows you to educate, sell, and command the very best high-value students at scale. Effectively with this VSL (video sales letter) you will be able to multiple yourself indefinitely reaching your the market the way it wants to be reached. No longer will you waste time with tire-kickers. This step will empower you with the ability to make impact, share your value, and magnetize the enroll new students faster and easier.

AUTOMATED EMAIL MARKETING | synergy mastermind |


The goal of ELEMENT 6 is to help you activate the machine that generates the 68% of profit that's been left on the table by not having a retargeting email automation system. Most business owners don't realize that only 2% of people buy on first exposure, 30% will never buy, and the remaining 68% comes from intentional follow-up. We install, refine, and launch that in this element. Saving you time, loss of profits, and most importantly your sanity. This step can't be overlooked.

FREE TRAFFIC SYSTEM | synergy mastermind |


The goal of ELEMENT 7 is to help you turn on a flow of free traffic to your newly launched automated student generation machine. Most people don't know it but the true essence of long-term wealth, branding, and security in your business comes from being "findable". The way to improve ROI with advertising is developed in this part of the process. You'll be everywhere they're searching for your solution. We make it easy and fun!

PAID TRAFFIC SYSTEM | synergy mastermind |


The goal of ELEMENT 8 is to help you activate and master the power of advertising, retargeting, and essentially being omnipresent in your marketplace. Mastering this element will have your competition scratching their head wondering how you exploded out of nowhere. You'll go from guessing how to get new students to being able to choose what type of students you want and how many of them you want. 

OPTIMIZE SCALE VIRTUALIZE | synergy mastermind |


The goal of ELEMENT 9 is to help you fine-tune your machine to maximum ROI. Removing any drag in the machine to increase time ROI. Handing the keys over to the team or if the team already has the keys...we will make them masters. We turn up the new student enrollment volume. How to duplicate your machines for opening new locations at capacity. Or, for some schools opening up a new profit stream through the virtualization of their training program to sell worldwide.

What SYNERGY members are saying...

Your Complete "All-In-One" SYNERGISTIC Community To Get More Paying Students For Less

Tap into a worldly organized group of martial arts school owner wisdom from multiple disciplines, styles, and perspectives. Grow quicker because of the way you can learn through emersion and skip over the mistakes others already learned how to avoid.

The SYNERGY Mastermind: 12/month Hybrid Coaching Program

The SYNERGY Mastermind gives you everything you need to get more students and grow your school with predictability:

  • Program: 12mo / 9-part hybrid mastermind with click-by-click implementation (we show you every detail).
  • Tools: We include the tools to build, test, optimize, and scale your automated student growth machine.
  • Community: Get connected with martial arts schools on the same path with SYNERGY Community.
  • Coaching: Get live answers to your questions twice a week, plus a recording of the Q&A session.
  • Accountability: Get an accountability partner who will hold you to your objectives and goals daily.
  • Support: Access live support with our highly skilled martial arts business growth strategy coaches.

Join The SYNERGY Mastermind Get ALL THIS:

  • Access to all on-demand trainings
  • Access to new live weekly trainings and recordings
  • Membership to our dedicated Q&A support and accountability
  • Free, unique, and exclusive templates, systems, and proven frameworks
  • A tracking sheet to know exactly what it will cost to get new paying students

It won’t stay at this low price for much longer and only 6 spots available. Lock in your spot and special price!!

(...only $1.64 a day!) 
(Cancel anytime.)

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