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⏤ NEW Martial Arts Business Training Film ⏤

Martial Arts School Owners: 3 Must-Do Daily Actions to Enroll 20+ Students Each Month Without Spending More On Advertising

It is so easy to overcomplicate martial arts marketing and advertising, which is why we untangle it and make it simple in the new film. Download the free guide as well!

What you'll discover in the NEW training film:

1. Every profitable martial arts school uses this exact machine to create new student sign-ups (it isn't advertising).

2. If a martial arts school wants to stay in business for the next 5-10 years, it must follow these 3 principles every day.

3. Why martial arts schools have failed at advertising and how to fix it with one click (not exaggerating).

4. In 7 days or less (without ads), martial arts schools can convert complete strangers into new paying students (download my mapped-out machine for free).

5. How martial arts schools generate new students on-demand and how you can use this strategy TODAY to grow your school! Six real-life examples!

Fábio Leopoldo 4x World Champion / Morumbi Jiu Jitsu - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"Mike, man I am super happy with the Dojo Student Blueprint course because it's opening my mind in the marketing also teaching me how it works and as far as results I am able to systemize in a digital format the way I can sign up students for my academies and I am able to create a product to sell online. My big 'aha moment' was the fact that I can create my process online to sign students by phone, not intro class, & predictably. With this system I believe I can have more academies thanks for everything."

- Fábio Leopoldo (Wikipedia)/ 4th degree black belt in jiu-jitsu 4x World Champion. /Morumbi Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Academy
Shannon Albracht - American Top Team Traditions Martial Arts & Kickboxing - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"What I like most is three fold. 
1. Level of detail. I can tell that this course has been well planned and executed 2. That there are many ways to get support. 3. Convenient. I can start and stop based on my “life”, and use on multi platforms and I can pick up right where I left off.  My mental state was quite uncertain when I contacted Mike. However, with this program and the knowledge that I am attaining.... I feel that I will be the most prepared to aggressively go after my market. I am loving the program, it's a great value."

- Shannon Albracht, Owner-operator at American Top Team Traditions Martial Arts & Kickboxing - Tracy CA
Master Clark - reviews
"Anyone interested in getting more students with predictability I would highly recommend Mike and his services. After working with Mike for a short period, the next ten years are very clear for our marketing and our Warrior Training."

- Master Clark a.k.a "Balls", Karate America World Headquarters

Marv Conway - Tiger Rock Martial Arts - Dojo Student Blueprint Course Review
"I love the retargeting and ability to get my schools everywhere my students are. I have my school owners learning this system too! Great training!"

- Marv Conway, Tiger Rock Martial Arts
Master Instructor · Katy, Texas

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